Best of EURO’s - photos

The best girls and fans from previous European championships – mostly EURO 2008 and EURO 2012.

EURO 2008 was held from 7 to 29 June 2008 in Austria and Switzerland. It is the 13th UEFA European Football Championship. The tournament was won by the national football team of Spain. In the final game they defeated Germany 1–0. Top scorer of the tournament is David Villa with 4 goals.

EURO 2012 was held from 8 June to 1 July 2012. Once again the tournament was hosted by two countries – Poland and Ukraine. In the final game in Kiev, Spain defeated Italy 4-0 and thus became the first team to win two consecutive EURO, and also three straight major tournaments (they won the2010 World Cup in South Africa).

Enjoy the best moments and hot girls from the past EURO’s which led us here to EURO 2016!

Austria skipped the EURO 2012 Championship finals in Poland and Ukraine. The former co-host at EURO 2008 (together with the Swiss girls) failed to qualify, and we really missed their beauties. But obviously, lessons have been learned – the team of Austria is now back, participating at EURO 2016, and will play later today in the first match of Group F against Hungary.

Here is how we remember the hot Austrian girls from 8 years ago… feels like it was yesterday!
Best of EUROs - Austrian girl
Hot Austrian girl at EURO 2008 Beautiful Austrian girl at EURO 2008 Best of EUROs - Austrian girl
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Four years ago, the Republic of Ireland lost all three games at the EURO 2012 group stage. Their success, however, was elsewhere – it was the international recognition the country received. The Ireland supporters were quickly named “the best fans in the tournament”… and who are we to argue?
The Irish played very bravely and although it wasn’t enough, they deserve all the respect for their behaviour. Respect to these beautiful Irish girls as well – a proud representatives of the EURO 2016 Girls!
Irish girl at EURO 2012
Beautiful Irish girl at EURO 2012
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At EURO 2008, the team of Czech Republic ended 3rd in their group, thus failing to qualify for the next stage. The lesson was learned though, and four years later the Czech reached quarter-finals of the tournament held in Poland & Ukraine. But could they repeat this in France, considering the competition of Spain, Croatia, and Turkey? EURO 2016 Group D look tough, so let’s take a look to something prettier instead. Something like the beautiful Czech girls of course!
Best of EUROs - Czech girl
Best of EUROs - Czech girl
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The national team of Switzerland is back to the European football finals! The former co-host of EURO 2008 (the other one was Austria) has failed to qualify to the finals in 2012. Seen from the distance of time, probably this had some good sides too – we were able to commit ourselves to the girls and fans of then-current hosts from Poland & Ukraine. The latter were awesome! However, Swiss girls are now back and we’re not going to send them away that easily…
Best of EUROs - Swiss girl
Best of EUROs - Swiss girl Beautiful Swiss girl at EURO 2008 Hot Swiss girls at EURO 2008
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Hottest Girls of Euro2016

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