Best of EURO’s - photos

The best girls and fans from previous European championships – mostly EURO 2008 and EURO 2012.

EURO 2008 was held from 7 to 29 June 2008 in Austria and Switzerland. It is the 13th UEFA European Football Championship. The tournament was won by the national football team of Spain. In the final game they defeated Germany 1–0. Top scorer of the tournament is David Villa with 4 goals.

EURO 2012 was held from 8 June to 1 July 2012. Once again the tournament was hosted by two countries – Poland and Ukraine. In the final game in Kiev, Spain defeated Italy 4-0 and thus became the first team to win two consecutive EURO, and also three straight major tournaments (they won the2010 World Cup in South Africa).

Enjoy the best moments and hot girls from the past EURO’s which led us here to EURO 2016!

Swedish girls are true sensation at the international football scene and fanzones all over Europe in past few championships.
Going back to EURO 2008, the team of Sweden was quickly eliminated in the group stage, but their Swedish girls were remembered long after that. Kudos to these girls who are actually kind of pioneers here at EURO 2016 Girls, and their pics have become iconic over time.
Best of EUROs - Swedish girls
Best of EUROs - Swedish girls Swedish girls at EURO 2008 Beautiful Swedish girl
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After missing the previous European championship in Poland and Ukraine, Romania is now back at EURO 2016 – and it’s back for the very beginning: the team will participate in the tournament’s opening game against France. Expectations aren’t at their highest though, but our hopes are in the Romanian girls and fans – after all, it is what distinguished them in their latest participation back in 2008.
Best of EUROs - Romanian girl
Romanian girl at EURO 2008 Romanian girl at EURO 2008 Beautiful Romanian girl at EURO 2008
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We start with the hosts from France and their charming French girls! To be honest, these fans did way better than the national football team of France. While they somehow managed to reach the quarter-finals of EURO 2012, there was a truely disastrous performance in EURO 2008 where the team took only a single point in the group stage – something that fans find hard to forget. But there is no way to forget these girls either.
Best of EUROs - French girls
French girl at EURO 2012
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Hottest Girls of Euro2016

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