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It was only two days ago, but we still remember the so-called “match” between Croatia and Portugal – and pray to not watch anything like this never again. It was probably the most boring sports game in a major tournament, with the unbelievable number of 0 (zero) accurate (on-goal) shots. The first shot came after 116 minutes of play – only to deprive us of our right to watch a penalty shootout (from penalties we expected some goals and at least accurate shots, yeah).
But if you wonder how we managed to stand during all this time without even falling asleep, here is a short answer: the fans! Attractive, original, singing and supporting all the time, they are always a game saver. And this beautiful Croatian fan caught our attention and stood out. After all, it was worth watching the game…
Beautiful Croatian girl
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Portugal defeated Croatia in a match that no one will want to remember. After the most boring 117 minutes of your life, a late goal sent the Portuguese to the quarter-finals.
For Man of the Game was rewarded the young talent and big hope for Portuguese football Renato Sanches. He didn’t start the game though, but appeared in the 50th minute substituting Andre Gomes.
This is a huge dissapointment for Croatia. But thanks to us from EURO 2016 GIRLS, they actually WON something at this tournament: the current Girl of the Game is this beautiful Croatian girl! 😉
Croatian Girl of the Game


Croatian Girls

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The teams of Czech Republic and Croatia draw 2-2 in the second stage match in their EURO 2016 group. Croatians had the win in their pocket leading 2-0, but made some terrible mistakes in defense, and this along with the awesome support of Czech girls and fans gave their opponent a chance to return in the game. Which they did.
Croatia missed a big opportunity to qualify directly to the tournament’s next phase, but we won’t miss the opportunity to present you some of their hot Croatian girls! Enjoy:
Croatian girls
Croatian girl at EURO 2016
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Hottest Girls of Euro2016

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