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France (officially the French Republic) is a country in Western Europe. It also include some overseas territories and islands located in oceans and on other continents. France is the largest country in western Europe with a total area of 674,843 square kilometres.
Population: ~65,350,000.
Capital: Paris.

The French national football team is also known as “Les Bleus” (The Blues). Their first international game was played in 1904 (3-3 draw with Belgium). The team has won two UEFA EURO Cups: in 1984 and 2000. France also have a FIFA World Cup trophy from 1998. Prior to EURO 2016, the team’s аll-time top goalscorer is Thierry Henry with 51 goals.

Enjoy the most attractive football fans and hottest girls from France!

Surprisingly for many, but not for us, France defeated 2-0 the so-called top-favorites of Germany and thus reached the final of EURO 2016! It’s worth saying that France tends to win tournaments on home soil.
For Man of the Game for second time during this tournament was rewarded the new French superstar Antoine Griezmann. He is now the tournament’s leading goalscorer with a total number of six goals.
Our Girl of the Game is another kind of superstar – at least here at EURO 2016 GIRLS. 😉 She is of course a French girl!
French Girl of the Game

The team of France demolished Iceland in the latest quarter-final match at EURO 2016. Ending 5-2, it is the game with most goals so far at the tournament. France confidently moves forward to the semi’s where Germany is already waiting.
For Man of the Game was rewarded Olivier Giroud who once again proved himself as a quality striker, scoring two and assisting for one.
There were many amazing Icelandic fans at the stands. But our Girl of the Game is French, and she is a famous one! Take a look at Kingsley Coman’s wife – Sephora Coman:
French Girl of the Game


French Girls #2

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The national football team of France will meet Iceland in the latest quarter-final match of EURO 2016. The hosts of the tournament are still dreaming for the title, but seems like the Iceland’s dream is somehow more inspiring – and it has already came true! Still, France is the favorite and we believe that they’ve learned from the English team.
Enough talk, let’s prepare for the game the way we know – with some beautiful French girls and supporters!
French girl
French girl at EURO 2016
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In an era of physical and total football, is there still a place for romance?

Looks like there is! Not necessarily on the pitch though, but on the stands for sure. While the football nowadays is a sport of power and agression, fulfilled with tension and non-stop battles, most fans still find a way to translate this into a positive vibe. It is true that football unites people, it brings them together. The biggest championships such as EURO 2016 are example of the happiness and euphoria that follows the great game. And yes – there is always a place for romantics!

Here is our compilation of fans kissing at EURO 2016 – just because the football is love, and as we know the love is everywhere! It all starts with a French kiss…
French girl kissing
Polish girls kissing:
Polish girls kissing
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Hottest Girls of Euro2016

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