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Germany has finally beaten Italy at a major tournament! After 1-1 in the regular time, and a dramatic penalty shoot-out, the team of Germany qualified to the EURO 2016 semi-finals!
For Man of the Game was rewarded German goalkeeper Manuel Neuer who saved his team a few times during the regular time, and again in the penalty shoot-out. This is just the second time that goalkeeper earns the Man of the Game prize during this tournament. The first one was Yann Sommer after the Switzerland-France match in the group stage.
Our Girls of the Game (that’s right, not just one girl!) are these three hot German girls! The more the better, right? 🙂
German Girls of the Game

In an era of physical and total football, is there still a place for romance?

Looks like there is! Not necessarily on the pitch though, but on the stands for sure. While the football nowadays is a sport of power and agression, fulfilled with tension and non-stop battles, most fans still find a way to translate this into a positive vibe. It is true that football unites people, it brings them together. The biggest championships such as EURO 2016 are example of the happiness and euphoria that follows the great game. And yes – there is always a place for romantics!

Here is our compilation of fans kissing at EURO 2016 – just because the football is love, and as we know the love is everywhere! It all starts with a French kiss…
French girl kissing
Polish girls kissing:
Polish girls kissing
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German Girls at EURO2016

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The national football team of Germany seems to be one of the most prepared teams at EURO 2016 in France – both physically and tactically. With three wins and one draw in the tournament so far, without conceding a goal, and also considering their latest 3-0 victory against Slovakia, some already see Germany as the big favourite for the European title.
As for us, well, we can’t actually see them as favourites since we’re mostly looking somewhere else – at these hot German girls for example! They are (one of) our favourites… 😉
German girl
German girls
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German Girls

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The national football team of Germany failed to take second win at EURO 2016, drawing 0-0 with Poland in a match that could have been lost as well. But despite the result, it was an intense game with some good football from both sides. And on top of all – the amazing fans!

Sure, at the moment Germany doesn’t look like the world champion we know. The German girls, however, look exactly as we know them: blond and hot. Very hot.
German girl
German girl at EURO 2016
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Hottest Girls of Euro2016

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