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In football, the term Man of the Game (or Man of the Match) is an award given to the best performed player in the game. Man of the Game is usually – not always though – a player of the winning team. The reward is often given to the goalscorers, especially if they have scored more than one goal. In case of clean sheet due to very good intervention, it is sometimes given to а goalkeeper.

Not all football tournaments and championships have an official “Man of the Game” award, but UEFA EURO 2016 have.

We at EURO 2016 Girls have something even bigger: Girl of the Game! Obviously, this is the hottest girl appearing on the particular match. That girl who made the biggest impression, a girl with the most stunning face and hot body. We don’t rely on the match’s result or how the teams performed. We do care only for the girls, and each of them is for herself. Enjoy!

Surprisingly for many, but not for us, France defeated 2-0 the so-called top-favorites of Germany and thus reached the final of EURO 2016! It’s worth saying that France tends to win tournaments on home soil.
For Man of the Game for second time during this tournament was rewarded the new French superstar Antoine Griezmann. He is now the tournament’s leading goalscorer with a total number of six goals.
Our Girl of the Game is another kind of superstar – at least here at EURO 2016 GIRLS. 😉 She is of course a French girl!
French Girl of the Game

We witness a historic moment in football! Last night the team of Portugal got its first win at EURO 2016! After five consecutive draws in the tournament, in the semi-finals they finally got the victory.
For Man of the Game was rewarded – guess who? – Cristiano Ronaldo! The biggest Portuguese star was widely criticized during the whole tournament – both for his selfish performance and his off-the-pitch attitude – but he has finally found the form and effectiveness that everyone wants to see.
But hey, there is no way our Girl of the Game gets any criticism at all! Enjoy this hot Portuguese girl who supported her country:
Portugueses Girl of the Match

The team of France demolished Iceland in the latest quarter-final match at EURO 2016. Ending 5-2, it is the game with most goals so far at the tournament. France confidently moves forward to the semi’s where Germany is already waiting.
For Man of the Game was rewarded Olivier Giroud who once again proved himself as a quality striker, scoring two and assisting for one.
There were many amazing Icelandic fans at the stands. But our Girl of the Game is French, and she is a famous one! Take a look at Kingsley Coman’s wife – Sephora Coman:
French Girl of the Game

Germany has finally beaten Italy at a major tournament! After 1-1 in the regular time, and a dramatic penalty shoot-out, the team of Germany qualified to the EURO 2016 semi-finals!
For Man of the Game was rewarded German goalkeeper Manuel Neuer who saved his team a few times during the regular time, and again in the penalty shoot-out. This is just the second time that goalkeeper earns the Man of the Game prize during this tournament. The first one was Yann Sommer after the Switzerland-France match in the group stage.
Our Girls of the Game (that’s right, not just one girl!) are these three hot German girls! The more the better, right? 🙂
German Girls of the Game


Hottest Girls of Euro2016

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