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In football, the term Man of the Game (or Man of the Match) is an award given to the best performed player in the game. Man of the Game is usually – not always though – a player of the winning team. The reward is often given to the goalscorers, especially if they have scored more than one goal. In case of clean sheet due to very good intervention, it is sometimes given to а goalkeeper.

Not all football tournaments and championships have an official “Man of the Game” award, but UEFA EURO 2016 have.

We at EURO 2016 Girls have something even bigger: Girl of the Game! Obviously, this is the hottest girl appearing on the particular match. That girl who made the biggest impression, a girl with the most stunning face and hot body. We don’t rely on the match’s result or how the teams performed. We do care only for the girls, and each of them is for herself. Enjoy!

Germany outclassed Slovakia in their match at EURO 2016‘s Best of 16 stage. The game ended 3-0, and Die Mannschaft totally dominated during the whole time, giving practically no chance to their opponent.
For Man of the Game was rewarded German midfielder and currently (not for a long?) Wolfsburg player Julian Draxler.
Our Girl of the Game, however, is once again from the other team. Although teams were on completely different level on pitch, at the stands there was much more competition. This hot Slovakian girl grabbed our eye…
Slovakian Girl of the Game

Portugal defeated Croatia in a match that no one will want to remember. After the most boring 117 minutes of your life, a late goal sent the Portuguese to the quarter-finals.
For Man of the Game was rewarded the young talent and big hope for Portuguese football Renato Sanches. He didn’t start the game though, but appeared in the 50th minute substituting Andre Gomes.
This is a huge dissapointment for Croatia. But thanks to us from EURO 2016 GIRLS, they actually WON something at this tournament: the current Girl of the Game is this beautiful Croatian girl! 😉
Croatian Girl of the Game

In the British derby in the first day of EURO 2016 Round of 16, Wales overcame the team of Northern Ireland and thus qualified to the quarter-finals. The game was intended to finish 0-0, but unfortunate own goal ended it in the regular time.
For Man of the Game was rewarded the “one man army” Gareth Bale. The Welsh didn’t score this time, but he kind of assisted it since the own goal came after his stroke.
Our Girl of the Game is from the country of Northern Ireland too – a stunning Northern Irish hottie:
Northern Irish Girl of the Game

Poland is in the quarter-finals at EURO 2016! The team reach this phase for first time ever after beating Switzerland in today’s earlier match. The regular time ended 1-1, so it was the penalty roulette that decided the winner.
For Man of the Game was rewarded Swiss Xherdan Shaqiri which excellent play, extraordinary goal, and eventually scored penalty, all weren’t enough for the win.
Our Girl of the Game, however, is from the winners’ side – enjoy this beautiful Polish girl:
Polish Girl of the Game


Hottest Girls of Euro2016

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