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She is back! Remember Natalia Siwiec – the stunning Polish fashion model who made furore with her presence at EURO 2012? Well, here she goes again! Last night in France two major events did happen. First, Poland draw 0-0 with Germany in their second match of the EURO 2016 Group C. Second – and probably more important – Natalia Siwiec was finally spotted at the stadium supporting her country!
Don’t miss her! #TeamSiwiec
Natalia Siwiec at EURO 2016
Natalia Siwiec at EURO 2016
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Polish Girls

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The national football team of Poland defeated 1-0 Northern Ireland in first game of UEFA EURO 2016 Group C. This is the first win for Poland at the European Championship finals after three draws and another three losses in their previous participations.
However, this is not the first time when Polish girls are shining. The country was co-hosting EURO 2012 so we had the chance to enjoy their fans, and it seems like that they have brought many amazing fans to EURO 2016 as well!
Polish girl at EURO 2016
Polish girl
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