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The European football dream is over for Russia after an inglorious 0-3 defeat by Wales. The team who qualified to EURO 2016 with a final sprint at the last moment, and draw England in the beginning of the tournament, is now amongst the first who will leave it. Sadly for all their beautiful and dedicated fans. If anything, UEFA surely feels relieved.
There is not much we can do except to get relieved too – by the way we know – presenting you some hot Russian girls and supporters at EURO 2016.
Russian girl at EURO 2016
Russian girl at EURO 2016
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Russian Girls

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The public image of Russian fans these days is not very bright or pretty. Together with British drunks and probably some local ultras, they were involved in violence and many excesses during the first days of EURO 2016 and in Marseille in particular. But a wise man once said: “A coin has two sides”. And if one is ultras and hooligans looking to make troubles, we would like to present you the other side. A classic in the genre, well-acknowledged and beautiful, simply – the Russian girls, debuting at EURO 2016!
Russian girl at EURO 2016
Russian girl
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GO Russia! badges

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“GO Russia!” badges are suitable for avatars and profile pictures, forum signatures, all kinds of posts and sharing.

Support the Russia national football team at EURO 2016 in France! Share your love for your nation or favourite team!

To use any of the badges, simply save the image or copy the link/code below.

GO Russia!


Source code (copy & paste): <a href=""><img src="" alt="GO Russia!" title="GO Russia!" border="0" /></a>

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Hottest Girls of Euro2016

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