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WAG’s describe the wives and girlfriends of sportsmen, and wives and girlfriends of high-profile footballers in particular.

The use of this acronym was started by the British press and tabloids.

It is true that the football players usually date models. We also believe that behind every great man there’s a great woman. But even if not all players at EURO 2016 are great, there is no doubt about the beauty of all women and WAG’s presented here!

Enjoy the hottest WAG’s of EURO2016’s football players!

The team of France demolished Iceland in the latest quarter-final match at EURO 2016. Ending 5-2, it is the game with most goals so far at the tournament. France confidently moves forward to the semi’s where Germany is already waiting.
For Man of the Game was rewarded Olivier Giroud who once again proved himself as a quality striker, scoring two and assisting for one.
There were many amazing Icelandic fans at the stands. But our Girl of the Game is French, and she is a famous one! Take a look at Kingsley Coman’s wife – Sephora Coman:
French Girl of the Game


Ludivine Payet

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Before moving to Ludivine Payet, let’s just remind you who is her husband. Only a few days ago, Dimitri Payet was recognized as the new hero in the national football team of France. The attacking midfielder who currently (and probably not for long) plays for West Ham United in England, was the best player on pitch in the EURO 2016 opening match between France and Romania. The hosts won 2-1, while Payet scored the winner, assisted for the first goal, and created opportunities for his teammates.
And after you know a bit more about him, it’s time to meet the wife of Dimitri Payet – Ludivine Payet. Named as one of the hottest WAG’s in the tournament, the stunning blonde was at the stadium to support both her man and team. It worked.
Ludivine Payet
Ludivine Payet at EURO 2016
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Hottest Girls of Euro2016

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