Northern Ireland still believes: the team finshed on third place in EURO 2016 Group C, which kept their chances for qualifying to the next round. Although they were considered as total outsiders, the Irish didn’t gave up against Germany, and with a little bit of luck lost only 0-1. Yep, this is something.
Honestly, the small country is playing very defensive football that is far from dominating on the pitch. On the crowds, however, the situation is completely opposite – the Northern Irish fans are dominants, loud, and attractive, while the Northern Irish girls… Oh, dear!
Northern Irish Girl
Northern Irish Girl at EURO 2016

A kiss from Northern Ireland: Northern Irish girl send her love while supporting the team at EURO 2016.
Northern Irish girl at EURO 2016
Northern Irish girl at EURO 2016

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Hottest Girls of Euro2016

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