Spain‘s hegemony at the European Football Championship finals is over! Due to poor performance and terrible defense, the team lost 2-0 to Italy.
For Man of the Game was rewarded Italian defender Leonardo Bonucci. The centre back along with his Juventus teammates had an exceptional game in defense, and scored the opening goal – 1-0.
Not so many expected Italy to achieve something at EURO 2016, but we expected the Italian girls and supporters to be hot! Enjoy our Girl of the Game from the Italy-Spain derby…
Italian Girl of the Game

You can call it “sensation”. We call it “logic”. The very brave, cohesive, and well-organised team of Iceland hummiliated England in the latest game of the EURO 2016‘s Round of 16. Reaching this stage was phenomenal, but what about qualifying to the quarter-finals?!
For Man of the Game was rewarded the Icelandic centre back Ragnar Sigurdsson who scored the equalizer in England’s net.
Sure, you may never have heard of Ragnar Sigurdsson. You have never heard of this beautiful Icelandic girl as well, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t an awesome and pure Icelandic bauty! She is, and she is also our choice for Girl of the Game!
Icelandic Girl of the Game

It was only two days ago, but we still remember the so-called “match” between Croatia and Portugal – and pray to not watch anything like this never again. It was probably the most boring sports game in a major tournament, with the unbelievable number of 0 (zero) accurate (on-goal) shots. The first shot came after 116 minutes of play – only to deprive us of our right to watch a penalty shootout (from penalties we expected some goals and at least accurate shots, yeah).
But if you wonder how we managed to stand during all this time without even falling asleep, here is a short answer: the fans! Attractive, original, singing and supporting all the time, they are always a game saver. And this beautiful Croatian fan caught our attention and stood out. After all, it was worth watching the game…
Beautiful Croatian girl
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The team Belgium finally showed its huge potntial after destroying Hungary in the EURO 2016 Best of 16 round. Kudos to both teams who played direct and attacking football – four goals were the absolute minimum in this game.
For Man of the Game was rewarded Belgium midfielder Eden Hazard – obviously on-form, he was above all: crossing, assisting, and eventually scoring his first goal at the tournament.
And here we present you the Girl of the Game: a cute Belgian girl… wearing devilish horns! 😉
Belgian Girl of the Game


Hottest Girls of Euro2016

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