Poland is in the quarter-finals at EURO 2016! The team reach this phase for first time ever after beating Switzerland in today’s earlier match. The regular time ended 1-1, so it was the penalty roulette that decided the winner.
For Man of the Game was rewarded Swiss Xherdan Shaqiri which excellent play, extraordinary goal, and eventually scored penalty, all weren’t enough for the win.
Our Girl of the Game, however, is from the winners’ side – enjoy this beautiful Polish girl:
Polish Girl of the Game

Another country with hot fans is out of the tournament. The team of Sweden played its best match at EURO 2016 against Belgium, but still failed to impress. It’s symptomatic that they were the only team without shot on goal after the first two Group stage games. Sadly, this also was Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s xlast match for the nation.
Of course the team of Sweden is not what it once was, but the Swedish girls are pretty much the same beauties as ever! Good bye, Zlatan – hello, girls!
Swedish girl
Swedish girl
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Hungarian Girls

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Who expected Hungary to lead the EURO 2016 Group F in the competition of Portugal and Austria? Not to mention the team of Iceland who actually took the second place! And while the Icelandic fans are extremely happy, the best was kept for the very end – it was the dramatic 3-3 draw between Hungary and Portugal, probably the best match at the tournament so far.
Continuing the good vibe, here we present you some ultra hot Hungarian girls and fans. Hope to see even more from them!
Hungarian Girls at EURO 2016
Hungarian Girls at EURO 2016
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The Poland national football team defeated Ukraine in a match between two former co-hosts of the European Championship finals, and thus qualified to the next phase of EURO 2016. This is the first time Poland is overcoming the Group stage after two unseccessfull attempts in 2008 and 2012.
It’s interesting how far the team can go, and whether their captain Lewandowski will finally do his breakthrough. Something these hot Polish girls and fans have already done…
Polish girl
Polish girls at EURO 2016
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Hottest Girls of Euro2016

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