You know the importance of a first impression? Seems like the Albanian girls are very aware of it. EURO 2016 is Albania‘s historical and first big tournament, and their supporters decided to support the country in a way that will be remembered!
The big support from the crowds can also explain why Albania is playing some good football without signs of desperation. After being close to taking some points in the first two games, eventually the team won their final Group stage match and thus took the third place in Group A.
Enjoy the (un)hidden power behind the national football team of Albania – the very attractive Albanian girls and fans.
Albanian girls
And a funny thing to mention – does they always hang out in a pair of blond and bruntte, just like the other Albanian fans we already presented here? 😉
Albanian girls at EURO 2016

Albanian girl
Albanian girl at EURO 2016
Albanian girls at EURO 2016
Albanian girls at EURO 2016
Hot Albanian girl
Albanian girls at EURO 2016

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Hottest Girls of Euro2016

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